December 3, 2018


What is Memmzy?

Memmzy is a online service that services your period needs and provides you with a period kit every month at the same time helping rebuilding the community by giving back every month.

How does Memmzy donate to the Community?

Every month we take 5 percent of our profits and buy feminine hygiene products for the shelters we are partnered with, our end goal is to be partnered with shelters in every state to help women all around the USA.

Can I help donate to the community?

Yes, you can simply head over to our partners page and we will make sure the organisations knows where the extra feminine products came from as well.

How long from the time I order will my package arrive?

If you order it by the 20th of the Month you will receive it by the 1st every month henceforth but you order past the 20th of the month we will email you to see if your okay with a slight delay past the first of the month or want to skip the month.

Where can I suggest an idea or complain?

Head over to the contact page which is located below every page and leave us your suggestions or tell us if we made a mistake, we love feedback in all shapes and forms.

Does Memmzy have a social media that I can follow?

Yes we do simply head over to our community page and you will be able to follow our instagram page, if you use the hashtag [memmzyinc] or tag our instagram page, we might even shout you out and throw in something special in your next package.

Can I support the business some other way besides subscribing?

Yes we have several ways you can support us as a business, you can shout us out on your social media[ don’t forget to tag us] and we are launching a Merch store so you can rep Memmzy merch outside as well.