5 ways to ease your period cramps.

5 tips that help with period cramps


  1. Use a heat patch

Heat is really good in easing pain in the abdominal area, using a heated patch or wrap can relax your uterus, that is the main muscles that cause period cramps.

According to a 2004 study, wearing a heat wrap for cramps is actually more effective than taking an over the counter (OTC pain reliever, like acetaminophen.

Memmzy offers heating patches in our deluxe subscription to help you go about your day and easing your pain at the same time.



A recent study shows that low intensity aerobic exercise can help reduce pain cause by period cramps.

In the study, women participants that did 30 minutes of aerobic exercises at least 3 days a week for eight weeks showed significant reduction in period cramps.


3.Take an OTC pain reliever

Midol and or aspirin (bufferin) are pretty effective in helping with easing period cramp pain.

Memmzy offers Midol in the deluxe subscription.

Fatigue is a common complaint among women during their periods, so Midol® Complete is specially formulated with 60 mg of caffeine per caplet. That means a two-caplet dose is the caffeine equivalent of about one cup of coffee. The caffeine in Midol® Complete also acts as a diuretic that helps reduce bloating.


4.Soak in a bath

We offer bath bombs with every package to help you unwind and relax, warm water around your pelvic area is really good for pain relieving.


  1. Do yoga

A study suggests that just like aerobic exercise, yoga is really good in relieving period cramps.

Doing yoga for 12 weeks for 60 minutes at least once a week showed significant reduction in period cramp pains.

Research suggests that trying simple yoga is really effective to reduce stress and cramp pains.