Myths and hacks about your periods!

myths and hacks about your period

As women or girls, we all have been experienced the talks of how we need to be, act, take care of, and de-stress during our periods. But that’s not all, there are loads of media coverage on hacks to de-stress meditation, good sleep, eat healthy, yoga, breathing, etc.

But do we really want to do all that? If you ask me, we are most rebel and most irritated at our times before the periods and during them. In fact, I so overreact to something, take decisions that I later regret. I  have yelled at total strangers or family members. I seem to cry at something nonsensical.
Efficacy at most normal routine tasks seems either too daunting or too easy. The balance tip either way. And I have no way to judge which one it gonna be this time. To add to all this; the diet plan/lifestyle goes for a toss. Cravings for sweet or salty increase.
So this is not about the hack or myth, we all know them. This is doing what we feel. If you yell at a stranger, know very well, we might not meet them again to apologize. So be it. Ask forgiveness in prayer even you settle down on the fourth day.
If you cry at something silly and can seem to realize it later. Let it go, cut yourself some slack.
If you crave sugar or those non-vegan decadents, order them, feel good, eat in moderation, or maybe not !!
 Get some exercise done, yoga, walking, whatever that you do, preferably do it. Keep moving is the mantra because it takes your mind off what your body is otherwise doing.
If you are the one to cook meals and don’t feel like it, just don’t. Order in.
 Yet if you feel, lazing in bed and eating chips and watching that Emo Netflix movie is gonna blow away the blues. Do that.
It’s the freedom to do what you want to do, however, this all is subject to just one huge condition. At the end of the 4 days “time of the month”. Get your shit together.
Be extra kind to people around you. ( This especially is handy coz you may want them to return the favor, you know when and why).
 Be compassionate to all. Be forgiving. Be passionate about your workouts and yoga. Get that extra sleep, go to bed on time. get up early and meditate.
Read that motivational book, your mom is haunting you too. Skip looking at the menu drawer in your kitchen and rustle up a homemade meal. Even if its time consuming, click those picture to “gram” them.
And slowly but eventually when you make a habit of living “clean” for 25 days of a month. It will creep into those five days in the months.
Provided you keep a watch over yourself for those 25 days, If you choose to take responsibility for your mental and physical health for 25 days of a month.
You yourself will see the difference between those 5 days. Let me now surmise how it works. You eat healthily, your blood and gut thank you. You exercise especially do yoga, your body mends internally. (giving fewer spam pains and flow is regularized).  You become kinder and more understanding. (the world comprehends you better).
In all, it’s a win-win. Let me know how this reverse table works for you. Now the disclaimer:-It seemed to work for me all these years. That’s how being a working mom with a high-profile job helped me not make those emotional decisions. Help my kid with his timelines at school. Attend those important meetings. And have those grueling training sessions, which kept me standing on my feet for more than 8 hours. Attending those school PTA etc. No one knew it was that time of the day, month, or year. And best of all. Accept I am a woman and thank god for that
Proud to be a woman,
Beena Karkhanis (Contributor)