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This year has been hard on all of us but overall we have had it better than the homeless population who have had it harder than we have. The homeless population has gone up by 12 percent in 2020, 40% of the homeless population in the United States are women and they must choose between hygiene products and food, nobody should go through that. 

This is a horrible stat to read or even think about, with the weather getting colder and fewer places taking the homeless population in due to covid still being rampant, there is something we should do about it.

That is why our business from the very start was to somehow integrate and implement a way to help the women in the community, help us reshape the community, educate men in the process and shine some light on this issue. Because how many times have you thought about a homeless person while passing them. We want to lead in driving the change to help the community we live in.

Essential products should be affordable to everyone, the government has Men in positions that make these calls for women, how would they know about what women go through during their period? Our goal is to be able to give back more than 5 percent and advocate change on a legislative level.

Our subscriptions help you save money and helps the community indirectly as well or you could always add to the donation tab to help, we provide to the less fortunate women in the community by going to the Partners page and donating any amount that gets added to the monthly quota that we send out to the partnered shelters. You can be part of the change as just by simply subscribing to Memmzy indirectly helps our contribution to the community.

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