Why Memmzy Is Unique From Its Competitors!

Memmzy is unique from its competition

Why Memmzy?

Before we answer that question, let’s dive into some stats, women will roughly have 456 periods over their live span between 13 to 51. Which is 2280 days of you being on your period. That’s roughly 6.25 years, now let’s add all the trips you make every month or every 3 months or year if you buy in bulk, add the extra trips you make if you can’t find all the hygiene products in one place. Let’s look at another issue related to your period, sanitary products prices go up every year, razors and vaginal wet wipes are taxed more than men’s counterpart of those products, they even cost more. This is where Memmzy comes in, in a world where we strive for convenience every day why wouldn’t you want your period covered? Memmzy sends you everything you need every month for your period.

You get convenience to your NEEDS!

Notice how we said “needs” and not “wants”. Read that again, Memmzy packages contain only what you need, this helps us keep prices low for you while providing you with the best service. We don’t push a want on to you unlike our competitors, Most of our business comes from word of mouth, which shows you we don’t need to spend money on adverts to force something you really don’t require.  Supermarkets do that especially, ever notice where the placements of women’s hygiene products are. They are systematically placed where snacks and junk foods are. 79 percent of the time women purchased something completely unrelated to their period because snacks are perfectly kept right next feminine hygiene products. They play on your mind and sell you wants unlike us saving you calories and giving your convenience to something you require.

What sets us apart? 

How many times have you thought about the homeless people while passing them on the street and their struggles especially women? 40 percent of the whole homeless population in the United States consists of women., they have to either choose between begging for food or money to get hygiene products. Most of them resort to using a cloth and washing it over the sink. We wanted to change that by giving back from day one and hence we added a clause in our mission statement to give back 5 percent of our profits every month to help less fortunate women. The way we do that is we partner with all women shelters to purchase women hygiene products for them every month and supply it to them. In essence, subscribing to Memmzy helps the community as well.
In short, Memmzy is exactly what you were looking for!  You get everything you require to your doorstep by the first of the month. You get convenience to your NEEDS! You have a brand that gives back and not only saves you time but also money.

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